Core Specialities

Component Testing

We at tescom ensure that only reliable and Correct parts are used in our products and for this we do 100% In-coming Inspection on all parts that are received before being allowed to go in to stores and then in to our Production Processes.
All Electronic Parts undergo these tests:

100% screening of active and passive components.
Static and dynamic burn in
Diodes and Zener Diodes are checked for Forward Voltage Drop,
Break down Voltage and leakage current etc.
Resistors and capacitors are tested for their Value in a LCR Bridge
ICs are checked for Original Manufacturer Logo
Heat Soaking of components at 90% of the storage temperature of
the specified temperature for 168 hours
Measuring of the parameter drift before and after heat soak stress test

All Mechanical Parts are checked For
Correct Drawing part Number.
Correct Base Material used as per Drawing.
Dimensional Verification.
Visual Inspection for aesthetic appearance.

Component Reliability

Parts from Authorized Distributors and Dealers only.
Electronic Parts such as Diode etc are heat soaked at elevated temperatures
to filter out Infant mortality.
PCB’s are baked before assembly to remove the Moisture content.
All parts are inspected at Incoming stage.
All Electronic parts are retained in their original Packing till it is being
All Electronic Components handling area’s such as Incoming, Stores,
Production, Inspection and testing are fully protected for Electro Static
Discharge with ESD protection Mats and proper earthing.
All Operators wear Anti Static Aprons, ESD Wrist bands and ESD slippers.

Field Failure Analysis

Global 8D Method is employed.
Define and Identify the problem
Prepare Interim Containment Plan ,Implement and verify the Interim
Actions if any
Determine, Identify, and Verify Root Causes and Escape Points for the
failure using 5 Why analysis, Fish Bone diagram etc.
Select and Verify Permanent Corrective Actions for the Problem/
Non Conformity identified.
Implement and Validate the Corrective Actions
Take Preventive Measures by Horizontal implementation of the corrective
action across all products.

Assembled PCB Burn-in

Reliability test for PCB Assembly solder Joints and PCB Assembly Functional
Burn in testing in an Environmental Chamber which can go from -(Minus)
temperature to +(Positive) temperatures.

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